Saturday, May 29, 2010

Deep Dish Pizza!

Though our schedules have been incredibly hectic lately, I FINALLY got around to trying my hand at a deep dish pizza. I bought the deep dish pan over a year ago and finally used it for the first time a few weeks ago. There is no Chicago style deep dish pizza to be found in our area and I really miss it! So, I thought, "Why not make my own?". It's not quite Gino's quality, but it was good and a huge hit with our guests! You do need a special deep dish pizza pan (though I suppose 2 small round cake pans might work). I have the 14-inch Chicago Metallic Professional Deep Dish Pizza Pan and have had success with it both times I used it.

The recipe I have is for 2 12-inch pizzas. Since my pan is 14 inches, I have to use a little over half the dough and a little over half the sauce (or all of it for a saucy pizza), which leaves me with an odd amount of dough left and sometimes a little sauce. I have thrown the extra dough in the freezer and plan to take it out someday to make either a regular pizza, stromboli, or calzones. I can't say that any of these will work for sure (since the dough for deep dish pizza is a little different than regular pizza dough), but I can't imagine that it wouldn't!

If any of you want to try this fun meal (I guarantee your guests will love it!), I will try and post my recipe soon. In the meantime, you can just drool over these pictures. :)