Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remembering quotes

Whenever we get to the library, Jude says, "We made it at Seattle!". The library is about a mile away. I'm not sure why he thinks it's Seattle.

Jude is really into elevators, hotels, and swimming pools. That's probably due to our recent move, which involved 5 nights in Hotels, taking elevators to our hotel rooms, and swimming in pools. Anyway, he often plays in his closet saying that he's in the elevator or he made it "at" the hotel or he's in the pool.

Jude loves riding his red car around the house and often calls it Grandma's black van. :)

When something is hot, Jude always says, "It's too hot hot."


Hazel is often a helper and puts herself in the mom roll. She often says, "Here jude, I help you. I helping jude, Mommy."

If you ask Nona where anything is, her response is always "room". Nona, where's your doll? "Room". Nona, where's your blanket? "Room". Etc.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Adjusting to Michigan

We knew it would take the kids awhile to adjust to Michigan. I never knew how much they would pick up on my own frustrations about the house and area we had upon moving until Hazel started saying, "This is not a nice house. I want to move back to Washington. I want my own room again.". They are doing much better, but often say they want to go back to Washington. I don't think they really know what that would mean. They LOVE seeing their grandparents frequently here and I know would be devastated if they were far away. It's been a long adjustment, but I *think* they finally like it here. 
Hazel loves to take her "bony nails" (pony tail holders) out to the garage, sit in this camping chair, and play with them.
Jude was thrilled when his ride-on car was loaded off the semi-truck.
Always with the pony tail holder container.
"Look Mommy! 2 kids riding on Jude's car!"
"Helping" with the laundry.
"Look Mommy! I took off my diaper!" Nooooooooo!!!!
The kids were tired for weeks after we moved (so was I! Oh, wait...it's a year later and I'm still tired). They were often just laying around too tired to play.

The day Hazel had 2 twins. :)
For some reason, Jude thought it would be a good idea to climb into the oven of his play kitchen. 
"These glasses help me see better, Mommy." Hazel often comes up with some creative ensembles. Today was sunglasses inside (not out of the ordinary at all) and her tiger backpack/leash.
This was one of the first times all 3 kids sat nicely to listen to a story. Yay! They love their daddy so much!