Monday, December 24, 2012

The gingerbread house

Though it never turned into a house (partly my fault!), this was still a really fun project for them. And they didn't even try to eat any of the candy! I'm thankful they are so naive.

Playing around

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but here's Jude jumping on his new trampoline! Hazel and Jude got a trampoline for their birthday from Nana and Papa. Our PT recommended it to help teach them how to jump. Hazel's great at it and Jude's close to getting his feet off the ground.
Hazel really likes to take care of Nona. Noel asked her to get Nona a toy and this is what she brought her.
Ready to get the Christmas tree!
Hazel LOVES to feed Nona. If I put food on Nona's tray, Hazel often collects it and insists on being the keeper and distributer of all of it. She wants to put it in Nona's mouth, but Nona prefers to feed herself. This frustrates both of them.
Hazel and Jude like to empty the toys out of this chest and play in it.
This is just a random picture of our favorite rolls! I make them for any special occasion (Christmas, birthdays, etc.). Hazel and Jude really like them (who wouldn't?).
Hazel loves kissing Jude. I think this picture is hilarious. It captures her dominant personality and his slightly more passive personality.
Once again, Hazel giving Nona water. She loves to do this.
Unfortunately, this is my only Thanksgiving picture! We had a family over from our church and enjoyed a delicious feast. This is Hazel and Jude's friend, Audrey. She was in their MDO class and has come over to play a couple other times. Hazel is SO shy around her but really likes her. Audrey had a blast jumping in Hazel's bed. Hazel just stood and stared at her. 
Nona LOVES eating! She eats most anything that we eat and the only purees she will still eat are beets and butternut squash. Her favorite foods are beets, bananas, and yogurt.
Hazel and Jude like to play games at the table. They close their eyes, squint at the lights, play peek-a-boo, etc. Goofballs.
A new favorite activity is emptying all the clothes out of Hazel's drawer. Yeah, ask me if I'm thrilled about that one. They are so fast at it and can accomplish it while I'm putting Nona down for a nap or washing dishes. I've stopped folding her clothes because this keeps happening.
Hazel and Jude still love playing in their beds and Hazel often insists that Nona plays too. This is fine until they start jumping and Nona falls over and hits her head.

Jump, jump, jump!
Hazel often spends part of the day only partially clothed. She can take off her shirt and her pants. She insisted on eating shirtless with her eyes closed this particular day. Silly girl.

2 year pictures

Here are some of my favorites from the 2 year photo shoot. There were tons of good ones. I love our photographer!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

2 years old!

Hazel and Jude turned 2 years old on November 9. Woo hoo! My parents were here to celebrate. Unfortunately, the kids were a little under the weather, especially Hazel.
Happy Birthday to you!
Jude: "What?!?!? I can't eat my cake yet? Stop singing and give me cake!!!"
Such a big girl with her fork.
This was just prior to Hazel going absolutely crazy (a side effect of the steroid she was on) and hitting Noel and throwing her cake on the floor. Poor girl.
Jude: "I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!"
Jude: "Maybe I can get my mouth open wider if I close my eyes."
Presents! They really weren't all that into them. I think th

Jude loves his new hat from Aunt Hillary.
Hazel was more interested in the balloons than the presents.
A new tea set!

I got these adorable aprons on Etsy. They love them!

Hazel LOVES her doll feeding set and feeds her doll all the time.
Jude with a new CD.
Jude and Hazel got Rody horses! They aren't good at them yet, but they'll grow into them.
Nona was just chillin' with Hazel's horse. Unfortunately, she was under the weather too (went to the doctor that day with her first ear infection).