Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple Picking

We had such great fall weather for a little while and tried to take advantage of lots of outdoor activities. I took the kids to another farm where they could play, see animals, and take a wagon ride to pick apples. They still talk about it all the time!
 Hazel decided to take a seat to watch the pigs. Jude followed.
 Driving the tractor was a hit! It was fun until they all started fighting over whose turn it was. 

 The GIANT sand box had tons of trucks and other sand toys to play with. Jude could've stayed in here all day. It was ENORMOUS (the picture doesn't show it).
 The wagon ride was the highlight of the day. The kids have never been on a wagon before and Nona keeps telling me "bump apple" all the time (translation: we went on a bumpy wagon ride to pick apples)

 None of the kids like eating whole apples at home (they like them sliced and sometimes need the peel off). But, they devoured them on the wagon!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apple Cider

I love our annual apple cider making tradition. And I'm glad we were able to participate this year!
 The kids loved helping Uncle Kevin wash the apples.

 Hazel had a blast throwing the apples into the press.

 Hazel is so shy and so I found it especially sweet that she wanted to help Great Grandpa with the apples.
 Nona soon lost interest and starting banging this golf club in the wagon. Lovely.
Nona and cousin Jett enjoyed drinking the freshest cider around!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Farm

I took the kids to Anderson and Girls recently and they loved it! I thought we were going to do apple picking in addition to visiting the petting zoo, but apparently there is no apple picking during the week unless you're part of a school group. Bummer. But, the kids had a blast and keep asking to go back to the farm.
 Jude loved sitting on this turtle and asks to wear his turtle shirt almost every day.

 Driving a tractor. How fun!

 Jude was crying and asking me to help him get up in this truck. I told him I couldn't help him (I was helping Hazel and Nona do something else). Next thing I know, he climbed up by himself. Where there's a will, there's a way. 
 They LOVED throwing food to the ducks. They thought it was also hilarious to throw leaves and rocks to the ducks.
One of the goats was wandering around and Jude and Nona loved petting it. Hazel pet it, but was not as into it as the other 2.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The kids say a thousand funny things a day that I always think I'll remember, but at the end of the day, I never do. So, I'm trying to start recording the ones I do remember. And I'm hoping to get some updated pictures up very soon as well.

He loves to say what things are and what things are not (ex: I said we were going to get in the car the other day. He said, "This is not a car. This a van".) My favorite was when we were out on a walk and someone made a comment about our triple stroller looking like a bus. Jude said, "This is not a bus. This a black stroller."

Jude loves to make up words and then ask himself why he's saying them. "Why's Jude saying "... (fill in the blank with a made-up word)"?

Jude also likes to ask why he's playing with different things. "Why's Jude playing with kitchen, Daddy?" "Why's Jude playing with scooper?"

I'm often "on" Jude about his table behavior. The other day, I told him not to wave his fork in the air. He said, "Only airplanes go in air". Yes, Jude, that's right. Now please listen to yourself.

Jude brings me things from the carpet all the time (a fuzzy, a hair, a crumb) and yells, "A piece! A piece!" every time. One time it was a piece of poop. I nearly died.

Jude climbed in the oven of the play kitchen recently and then said, "What's Jude doing in the oven?" I don't know Jude. You tell me.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said, "A cupcake." I said,  "Do you want any new toys or clothes?" He said,  "No just a cupcake with peanut butter on it (frosting)". Easy to please!

The other day, Hazel was standing on her Tiny Bear Bible and said, "Look Mommy! Hazel standing on the Tiny Jesus Bear!"

When I asked her if it was okay to not listen to mommy, she replied, "That's very naughty naughty."

"Where's Daddy? Hazel LOVE Daddy." upon waking up in the morning.

When she carries her baby around, she is often saying, "Oh honey honey honey. Oh baby."

I asked her a few weeks ago if I was cool or weird. She said, "Mommy weird. Hazel cool." Later she added, "Daddy and Nona cool too. Jude weird."

Hazel came walking out of the bathroom recently and said, "Hazel looking good."

Nona was chewing on a shoe and Hazel looked at me and said, "That might be a shoe, not a snack."

She uses the words might and maybe a lot. She often says, "That might be neat." or "That might be nice." or "Maybe that might be fun." It's almost always hilarious the way she says it.

She was singing "This old man" recently and I heard her sing, "This old man, he played one, he played nick paddy on my bun". Ha! I have to catch these things very sneakily because she won't sing if I'm around. In fact, if I walk in the room, she immediately stops or says, "No mommy listen. No mommy come in this room. Mommy get out."

Anything that happened in the past is "last night" according to Hazel.


Every meal time involves Nona running to the table yelling, "Lunch, lunch!"

She says "Hewwo Daddy. Buh-bye Daddy." about a million times a day.

Whenever she pushes her baby stroller around, she says, "Choo-choo! Choo-choo!"

At the table, she often asks for more milk by saying, "more nook". Then Jude says, "Why's Nona saying nook?" and then laughs his head off.