Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nona is 1!!!!

I can't believe Nona is 1!!!! She is such a joy and it's so amazing to watch her discover the world.
 Standing on her own with her birthday balloon. Still not walking, but she has taken a step a couple of times.
 I think she liked the cupcake!
 "Will you give me a massage on my birthday?"
 Opening presents!
 Jude and Hazel love their aprons so much. Since Nona wants to do everything they do, we thought she should get her own apron too. It's a little big, but she'll grow into it soon.

 A fun new book! Thanks Aunt Hillary and Uncle Kevin!
 Give me that cupcake!!!!
 Ooooh, a new set of bowls to eat from! 
Stuffing her face.

It's hard to know what to share about Nona at 1 year, but here are a few facts about her:
  • She takes 2 naps a day - the first is around 8:15 and the second is around 12:30 and each are around 1 1/2 to 2 hours (on good days).
  • She goes to bed at 5:45 and sleeps about 12 to 12 1/2 hours
  • She has 8 teeth
  • We still don't know what color her eyes are. They are very dark and have lots of colors in them. We think they might be hazel, which would be kind of funny.
  • She LOVES to eat and eats so much. She loves oranges, applesauce, fish, beets, scrambled eggs, meat, beans and rice, and more. She doesn't like broccoli and many other vegetables, but overall she's an amazing eater.
  • She is very spirited
  • She wants to do EVERYTHING that Hazel and Jude do (jump on the trampoline, jump in their beds, "cook" in their kitchen, etc.)
  • She loves to go outside
  • She blows kisses, waves bye, and waves to say good-night
  • She signs more, please, and milk
  • She nurses 4 times a day
  • She likes to play peek-a-boo
  • She is not really a fan of her carseat

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nana and Papa Snyder visit!

Sorry for the million pictures, but the kids had a busy week with Nana and Papa! They got so much attention, got to go outside a lot (thanks to extra hands and nice weather) and played like crazy!
 Hazel showing her grandparents how she has mastered the trampoline they got her for her birthday.
 Nana and Papa packed their tunnel in their suitcase. The kids loved it. Notice Hazel peaking in. :)
 Nona standing on her own. She is very close to walking! 
 Nona got a wheely bug for her birthday (which is on the 19th). She LOVES it! She loves pushing it around and riding on it.
 Jude loved his new cars he got in his Easter basket.
 Hazel loved them too and they drove them up and down the window sill.
 I think Hazel and Jude's new favorite activity is throwing rocks in the water. They are telling me several times a day how they want to throw rocks in the water. Well, they say, "Wock. Wawawa."

 I am quite sure it's time to get Jude his OWN sun glasses. Might be his Easter basket present. :) I think the big pink flowers need to go.

 Best attempt at a family picture in Anacortes.

 Hazel and Jude wanted to go on a hike. They loved being outdoors and walking on the trail to find rocks and sticks.
 Hiking isn't all that fun when Nona wants to be walked around instead of carried. 

 The kids got this choo-choo wagon for Christmas and finally had a chance to try it out! They love it! This will be great in the summer since they are getting a little big for their triple stroller.

 Jude is really getting into his trains.
 At least one person is smiling.
 I'm sure Papa taught Jude a few tricks about his trains!
 Nona never misses a beat and is happiest when she is doing whatever Hazel and Jude are doing. She is 11 months going on 2.
 Nona busy at "work". 
 Nona examining her Easter basket present. She's a fan.
 Jude got some yummy treats from Trader Joe's!

 Another thing Jude could use in his Easter basket is some slippers. Hazel has some and so Jude insists on wearing mine or Noel's. 

 Fun times in the backyard!


 Busy, busy!

 We had some unexpected good weather and drove to Anacortes. The kids got to throw more rocks in the water, we had a delicious picnic, did a little hiking, and enjoyed some beautiful scenery. 
 Don't be deceived. Hazel looks like she's nuts about "painting" the driveway. I don't think she actually participated though.
 She sure thought it was funny that Jude was soaking wet!

I think the chalk was too dirty for her. She is a neat freak. She is constantly picking up trash, asking for napkins at meal time, and making sure things are in the right spot.

Thanks for visiting, Nana and Papa! The kids were sure given lots of attention and I enjoyed being able to do a few other things.