Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random playing

My mom was here for a little over a week and I was able to take Hazel and Jude out for a date all by themselves! I think they really loved the one-on-one time since it's something they never get. I really hope to do this more often. I enjoyed each of them so much.
 Jude was just giggling with delight on his date. I set this gluten free muffin in front of him and got him a special drink (oops, forgot about the dairy issue!) and he just giggled and looked at me like, "what? this is for me?". Then he colored in his new notebook that we bought and drew a lot of J's! When did he learn to do that?
 Hazel points to her eyes, squints, and whines anytime she's in the living room. She thinks it's too bright. Unfortunately, Jude gets stuck with Hazel's sunglasses since he doesn't have any of his own. We'll work on that.
 Nona ate a crayon this week. It was everywhere!!! It was all over her hands and she crawled all over Hazel's room before I found her. So, the rug was covered, Hazel's sheets had marks all over them (she pulled up on Hazel's bed), the table, etc. What a mess!
 Nona LOVES wearing beads and has even figured out how to put them on and take them off all by herself!
 Nothing like a big box to play in! Hazel was NOT happy that Nona wanted to come in. Well, when is she ever happy when Nona is near? If Nona even starts to crawl towards Hazel, Hazel yells, "No no! No no!" Major personal space issues.

Hazel and Jude's prized possessions are their books. They love having reading parties and carry their books around all day. Too bad I don't have 2 laps.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jude and Hazel were busy in the kitchen on Valentine's Day! We baked gluten free, dairy free, egg free cookies. And yes, they were good! I'll save the food allergy post for another time...
 Enjoying the fruit of their labor. 
 Roll, roll, roll! I will admit, this was a very frustrating task for me to do with them. 

 Nona's Valentine's Day pucker.
 Just a normal day in the life of Nona. She is a drawer emptier. Seriously, she's out of control. Most drawers have latches, but a few are broken and she knows right where they are.
Enjoying another Valentine's Day treat!

Reading Books

Here's a cute video of Hazel and Jude reading to themselves, although you'll see they clam up as soon as they realize the camera's on them.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Jude is very excited about spelling HOPE and Hazel is very excited about getting into the shot.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl Picnic

We had our first family picnic in the family room! All the kids seemed to enjoy it. Before we sat down to eat, Jude kept signing "all done" in reference to watching football, but as soon as he had food he was happy. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Truck pushing

This is a new favorite activity. They do this almost every evening (and sometimes during the day). They often fight about who gets what in their truck. They push beads, blocks, shoes, you name it and follow each other around for several minutes. Sorry it's so long. Oh, and that's the not the first time Jude has gone in the water heater closet.

Favorite Things

A few weeks ago, Hazel and Jude started moving the chairs from Hazel's table over to this bench. Then they sit and "read" their books together. It's so cute! 


The kids love to watch the cars drive by. I think they just look so sweet here.

Nona's news

Nona is growing and changing so much, but I wanted to make sure you all knew that she still likes to make her favorite face. Okay, that's not her news, but it is funny.

 A week and a half ago, Nona was barely pulling to stand. As of a few days ago, she is pulling to stand on everything, cruising along things, climbing on things, and even standing a few seconds on her own. Whoa! 
The best part is that she is SO much happier!!!! She had been so cranky for weeks, and we're quite sure it was due to her frustration. Once she started pulling to stand on her own, she turned into a much happier baby. She is anxious to walk and we're ready for that too (my back is killing from walking around bent over holding her hands). Yay Nona!

Combing fun