Saturday, September 26, 2009

Noel's birthday

Noel celebrated his 29th birthday this past week. We enjoyed a great dinner at Beckham Grill and ate carrot cake at home after dinner. Noel has requested carrot cake for his birthday for the past 3 years (or more...I can't remember). He received some really nice gifts, as well as money, which is currently being set aside for future home needs.
He loved all of his gifts, but there was one in particular that was a huge surprise. My parents sent it in the mail and I could hardly wait for Noel to open it since I knew he'd love it so much.

Waiting for him to reveal what was inside.

Look closely, Noel now has a study partner.

His very own, John Calvin bobblehead. So far, I have heard Noel asking, "What do you think, John?". John always says, "yes".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our dear friends

Our dear friends, Dani and Michelle (who we visited in Hawaii recently) moved back to Pasadena a couple of weeks ago. Dani graduated from Fuller with his MDiv a little over a year ago and Michelle is now continuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. They are some of the sweetest, most generous people we have ever met and we feel so privileged to call them friends.
So, why am I telling you all this? Well, they have a bit of a crisis. I'm not sure that anyone we know can do anything about it, but I thought I might as well put the word out. They shipped their car here from Hawaii. Upon arrival, it was not running well. They took it to a mechanic and put over $800 into it. Not a very nice welcome back to CA for them! The day after they picked it up, it stopped working again. They took it back to the mechanic and found out that there is a lot of oil sludge build up. After much investigation and research, it does appear that the mechanic is being honest. They now have a huge choice to make. Pay $2000 for another engine flush to flush the sludge. However, this is not guaranteed to make the car run. Or, look for a new car. They are in no position to be looking for a car since they just moved and Dani hasn't found a job yet. So, if anyone has any southern California connections to a free or cheap car for them, please let us know! I know it's a shot in the dark. They've just done SO much for us, and I wish we could help them out in their time of need.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm starting to think...

...that working full-time, going to school part-time, being a Community Coordinator, and trying to buy a house all at the same time might not be the greatest idea.

We have lots going on in our lives right now and things will only get busier as Noel goes back to school next week. All are exciting things, but needless to say, updating the blog has not been made a priority as of late.

I started school at Pasadena City College 3 weeks ago. Up until yesterday, it was pretty easy and I was wondering if I was in college or elementary school. Not really....but it was very easy. It's starting to get more difficult and I'm starting to wonder when I'll get all my studying in. But, I REALLY LOVE it! I'm so glad I'm there and can't wait to start classes that will actually be a part of my program. I can't even imagine how much more I will love those! I'm currently taking General, Organic, and Biochemistry (one class) as well as Anatomy and Physiology. I really feel like this is a great fit for me!

As for the house....more on that later. :)