Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hazel quotes

August 2013: I told Hazel that I needed to figure out where the library was before we left. She said, "Maybe at Seattle." When Noel got home from work, I told the kids to tell him where we went (the library) and they both said, "Seattle!!!" I have no idea why they think the library is in Seattle.

Hazel walked out of the bathroom one day and said, "Hazel looking good."

September 2013: Nona was chewing on a shoe and in all seriousness Hazel said, "That might be a shoe. Not a snack."

I asked Hazel if I was cool or weird. She said, "Mommy weird. Hazel cool." And so it begins...

October 2013: Hazel was standing on the tiny bear Bible and said, "Look Mommy! Hazel standing on the tiny Jesus bear!"

November 2013: I asked Hazel what kind of cupcake she wanted for her birthday. She didn't understand so I gave her choices. Her response (always in 3rd person), "Hazel want it to taste like yummy." Not a choice, but honest!

Hazel got her clothes off for the bath and came walking towards me saying, "This is the nakee one. The nakee one is coming towards you, Mommy."

I wore the same sweater 2 days in a row and on the second day, Hazel asked, "Why's mommy keep wearing that sweater?" She called me out.

I told Jude he could sit and ask rudely (for something he wanted) til the cows came home, but he wasn't going to get what he wanted. Hazel said, "Where are the cows, Mommy?"

"I was just completely, I was just completely helping Jude mommy because helping Jude is loving others as we love ourselves, Mommy." 

Hazel was standing in the hallway closing the door saying, "You go night night Buster!" to Jude who was in their room.

December 2013: Nona was sitting on the toilet. I asked her if she was going to go pee. Hazel says, "It comes out her gina."

I told the kids we were going to Grandma's for Christmas. Hazel, said, "And then Jesus will be there!"

January 2014: "I painted this pretty picture for Daddy. He will looove this "h" and these handprints."

Hazel complained her tummy was hurting. I said, "Do you need oil on it?" She said, "No I do not need oil on it. I just love Jesus."

I told Nona it was time to get dressed and she wasn't listening. Hazel went up to her, put her arm around her and said, "Sweetie pie, now you go get dressed."

Hazel saw big snowflakes coming down outside and exclaimed, "There are crumbs outside!"

I asked Hazel if she needed a kleenex. She replied, "I already have a Kleenex hanging out in my pocket."

February 2014: After seeing some deer in our back yard one night, Hazel stood by the window in the morning yelling, "Reindeer where are you? Where are you reindeer?"

We often sing "Who's the king of the Jungle?" and there's a part in there that spells J-E-S-U-S. Hazel always says, "J E Snake E S!"

Noel was gone one evening and Hazel said, "Hazel has Mommy. Hazel has 1 person here."

Jude was talking in a baby voice (which I asked him not to do a lot) and Hazel says, "Jude does not need to use that voice, Mommy." She is such a mom! Then later, Jude was copying what Hazel was saying (which he also does a lot) and she said, "Jude does not need to just copy what I'm saying, Mommy."

At bedtime, Hazel prayed, "Thank you for the carrot that Hazel did not like."

We are still working on helping Hazel with her constipation issue. One day I asked her if she had pooped yet. She said, "No. I just having a hard time pushing it out because it is really stuck."

"The sun is bothering Hazel's bless you's! The sun is making Hazel do too many bless you's!

March 2014: Hazel told me her name new name was "Lazy Mary Hazel Child Grandma".

I gave the kids lunch one day and Hazel said, "There are crazelnuts in these bars!"

"I really wish I could wear in feet pj's but I always want out feet pj's!" What? (Referring to sleepers vs. just shirt and pants).

"Maybe I will turn into a ladybug soon. Right now I am a kid but maybe after breakfast I will turn into a ladybug. I will try but I will still just be a kid. That is my message to you."

"There's some poopy crumbs. They are swimming around" (after flushing)

"Bye bye pee. Have a good sleep! Go find some poopy to snuggle with!" (after flushing her pee).

"Whoa! Hazel has really crazy hair going on!"

"2 kids have pj's on but 1 kid has no pj's on because 1 kid wants to eat nakee nakee." (Hazel referring to herself)

"I was just screaming in my bed when I was just asking for music class to come back and not be all done." This was after 7 weeks of Hazel standing completely frozen in the middle of the class every week while all the kids participated around her.

April 2014: Hazel came out of the bathroom and said, "I did poopy. There's some in the toilet and some on the floor." Ahhhh!!!!

After a large poop on the toilet she said, "It's really really huge and stinky and it was just ready to come out. I was doing farts in my bed and the poopy was stuck but then it was just ready to come."

"Oh! Grass! It was hiding under the snow, Mommy!"

Hazel decided one day she was done with diapers and ready for underwear (she was night trained before day trained). She put underwear on and said, "These are really really soffy and I'm all done wearing diapers." (she always says "soffy" when referring to soft things)

Hazel was trying to get Nona to make animal sounds from a book with her and Nona wasn't complying. Hazel says, "If you want lunch, you need to read this book with me. Do you want lunch?" Such a mom!! And no, I've NEVER said that!

May 2014: Hazel: "I have my shoes on the wrong feet." Me: "You do? How about you put them on the right feet?" Hazel: "No. I just like them on the wrong feet." Then in a silly voice, she adds, "Whatever you say, Hazel!"

Pretending to read a book, "We will build the play set and we will not fight over the play set and we will not fight over the swings. We will not do bad behavior."

While praying at bedtime, "Thank you for Hazel's bad behavior at nap time."

June 2014: "After lunch I will not goof off. I will just go right to sleep. I will not even goof off or anything. I will not even open the drawer or come out to potty. I will just close my eyes and go fast asleep. I will not get any wipes or diapers or anything."

"I want the blender to come back on!" (referring to the thunder outside)

Hazel was watching Nona get dressed one morning and said, "You are missing an armhole with your arm, Sweetie."

July: Hazel and Nona were talking and Hazel says, "Do you love me Nona?" Nona says, "Yeah, I do." Hazel says, "We are friends Nona bear. We are friends ourselves."

September 2014: "God and Jesus live in a different state. They don't live here with us."

I put real peanut butter on the kids celery one day for lunch (instead of sunflower butter) and Hazel says, "Mommy! This peanut butter tastes like a cookie!" Such deprived kids...

Anything that has happened in the past is usually referred to as "long day ago".

The kids were "reading" my sudoku books on my bed one day. Hazel says "But the numbers tried to help their mommy's."

Every night, Hazel and Jude give us "muffin hugs" and "muffin kisses" or "ice cream cone hugs" and "ice cream cone kisses". I have no idea when this started, but it happens EVERY night. They give us a hug and kiss and say, "Muffin hug. Muffin kiss." "Ice cream cone hug. Ice cream cone kiss."

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