Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jude quotes

November 2013: I asked Jude what he wanted for his birthday. He said, "A cupcake." I asked if he wanted any toys or anything. He said, "No, just a cupcake with peanut butter on it." (by peanut butter, he means frosting). Easy to please!

Noel turned on the shower one night instead of the bath and Jude yelled, "Daddy made a stake!" instead of mistake and laughed hysterically.

He always calls robots "rote bots" and cucumber "cute cumber".

December 2013: I told the kids they were having mango juice and Jude said, "Like a flamingo?" Then Hazel asked for more flamingo juice.

We opened stockings and had cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve. When we were done, Jude (in a completely monotone voice) said, "That was a fun party, Mommy." The tone just cracked me up.

February 2014: Jude told me his bunny and aardvark stuffed animals were up in the closet but he has "these animals in my bed because they are very special."

Jude told me he talked to God about using his fork and trying not to use his hands when eating. That was a big step up from his prayer the prior week, "Thank you for garbage."

Jude was playing with his trucks one morning and said, "Mater has a name. Queen has a name. Green truck has a name." Noel said, "Oh? What's green truck's name?" Jude replied, "Green truck." Duh.

March 2014: I asked Jude to hold Nona's hand. He says, "Jude's hand is getting tired!" (his excuse - he's not a good hand holder).

The kids have lots of food restrictions and we often tell them they can't have something because it will hurt their tummy. They are SO understanding! One day Hazel said, "These brownies will hurt Hazel's tummy." Jude replies, "These brownies will hurt Jude's back and Jude's penis." Say what?!?!?!

June 2014: Jude and Hazel went straight from nap time to time out one day. They were sitting next to each other in timeout and I heard Jude say, "I did bad listening, Hazel, so I had to go in timeout." Hazel said, "You did?" Jude, "Yeah, I did bad behavior."

The kids were playing outside with beach towels and Jude was pretending to read the tag: "We will do no throwing fits."

August 2014: After a few naked days potty training, I let Jude wear underwear. He said, "These are BEAUTIFUL truck underwear, Mommy!"

September 2014: While reading a sudoku book, "Then they (the numbers) had to get a timeout. But they wandered off and they ate their breakfast."

October 2014: After reading about Jesus dying on the cross, Hazel said "Jesus is sad." I said, "Yeah, why is Jesus sad?" Jude exclaims, "Because he got hanged on a hook!"

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