Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nona - 2 1/2

Nona is FULL of personality at 2 and 1/2 years old! She is so verbal, hilarious, a major tester, sneaky,  injury prone, messy, imaginative, and more.

Nona is the only child so far to have a major split in her head. We didn't take her for stitches since we have a doctor friend here who glued and taped up her wound. We're hoping her scar majorly fades or disappears.
She's also the only one we've had to make emergency stops for while taking walks. We've stopped at 2 different houses for bandaids due to Nona falling and scraping up her knees pretty bad. One person we knew, one we didn't. Hey, it's a good way to meet new people! Knock on the door, show them your bleeding child, and ask for a bandaid. :)
When berry picking this summer, Nona ended every picking session with an empty bucket. She ate more strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries than I though humanly possible (straight eating for over 2 hours).
I often find myself saying, "Nona is a disaster.". She is seriously SO messy in EVERYTHING she does. I thought Jude's messy eating couldn't be touched, but Nona out does him nearly every meal. Painting usually ends with me overly frustrated. If there's anything that could make a tiny mess, Nona will find it and turn it into a big mess.
Nona takes GREAT joy in riding "Sandy" at Meijer.
While Noel was out of town, I had to leave the kids unattended to catch a shower. Normally this isn't an issue (they actually usually play really well together). However, on this occasion, Nona found the sunscreen and covered herself and my bed in it. I wasn't happy when I found her. She simply says, "I was just putting sunscreen on, Mommy!" as if that's a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Ahhhh!!!!
Caught in the sunscreen act (attempt number 2).
Nona is the most daring of the kids. She's the only one who'll try walking on this wobbly snake at the park.

She loves carrying Baby Jenny in her shirt (like a baby carrier) and is often rocking, bouncing, and snuggling her babies. She has such a natural instinct for this.

Blueberry picking was her favorite. When we were finished, she started crying and said, "Why don't I have any blueberries in my bucket, Mommy?" Ummmm, you ate them all Nona. I quickly grabbed a few handfuls, threw them in her bucket so she wouldn't leave with an empty bucket but by the time we got to the stand to pay, she had eaten those too. Silly girl.
Nona loved the dolls at Grandma Dorie's house.

Nona loves to use the phrase "I was just pretending..." to explain her behavior. She ripped 2 pages out of a book. I told her that was unacceptable. She says, "But I was just pretending this was wrapping paper, Mommy!". She wants to wear underwear and I tell her no. "But I just want to pretend this underwear is a diaper, Mommy!". Ummmmmm, no.

She always uses "she" and "he" instead of "her" and "him". 
  • I want she's blanket on. (referring to her doll)
  • Where's she's pacifier?
  • I want he to come out of the TV so I can give he a hug. (referring to Curious George)
She made up the word "who body" (combining "somebody" and "who") which I find hilarious.
  • Whobody did a bless you, Mommy? (Who sneezed?)
  • Whobody farted, Mommy?
She uses "I" instead of "me".
  • Let I just help you with that.
  • Let I open it.
Can I take a smile of you? (Can I take your picture?)

When she wakes up in the morning or nap time, she whines in her bed "Nona got awake!" until someone comes and gets her.

I tried to explain to her that her eyes are hazel eyes. She looked at me and said, "But these are Nona eyes." Similiary, we had hazelnut date balls for lunch one day. She asked what was in them and I said, "hazelnuts". She said, "But, these are Nona nuts!". Having Hazel be a color, a nut, and her sister is proving to be confusing.

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