Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nona quotes

January 2014: While playing the piano at Grandmas, Nona said, "Nona playing this organ. Mommy dance. Nona making a sound."

"I get kitty Ruby one more snack, moooooommmmmy." (The kids like to stretch out "Mommy" at the end of sentences.

Nona constantly calls our friend, Chris, (who we call Ms. Chris) Christmas. She was playing with bubbles that Chris brought and said, "Christmas brought these for Nona!" I had no idea who she was referring to for the longest time. Hilarious.

I asked Nona if she wanted to go to Hope College, Calvin College, or Alma College. She said, "Go to Elmo College. Go to Cookie Monster College." Apparently she heard Alma as Elmo. Hilarious.

March 2014: Nona saw a minute of the show "Property Brothers" on HGTV and said, "What are those boys doing?" She calls men and women of all ages, boys and girls.

When I put Nona to bed she said, "Mommy is too sweet." and put her head on my shoulder. Melt my heart.

I told the kids there were hazelnuts in the bars I made them for lunch. Nona responded, "There are Nona nuts in these bars!"

Some maintenance guys came to do work on our house and Nona says, "Those guys LOVE Nona!"

April: Nona came waltzing in my room first thing in the morning. She had her hand in her diaper and said, "I'm touching my gine!"

Nona likes to add, "That is very nice of...!" to the end of things. "I taking this baby to the potty. That is very nice of Nona!"

"Nana and Papa go to Grandma Dorie's house. That's very nice of Nana and Papa!"

"That was very nice of Daddy to hold Nona's hand in the carwash."

Instead of "by myself", Nona says, "I do it with myself!" or "I do it for myself!"

May 2014: Nona's prayer, "Dear God. Thank you that Nona could go on the potty. Thank you that Nona did not stand up. Thank you that Nona could do a fart."

June 2014: Nona asked for spray on her bottom when I was changing her diaper. I put some on and she said, "oooooooh my bottom is spicy!". Ha!

July 2014: Nona showed me a picture of Grandpa and said, "This is Grandpa. Do you know Grandpa? Grandpa is my best friend."

September 2014: Nona ripped 2 pages out of a book. I told her no and then asked what she was doing. "I was just pretending this was wrapping paper on a present, Mommy!". Nice, Nona.

October 2014: Nona asked Jude if she could get him some toilet paper. He said, "no." She yelled, "But I'm nice!"

She put on her Sunday shoes to wear to the store. I told her those weren't good shoes for the store. She said, "But I want to pretend these are good ones."

While eating a booger (which she ALWAYS does!) she spit it out and said, "Get this, Mommy! This part of my booger is too yucky for me!"

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